Top 10 Wedding Photo Ideas in 2021

Amazing wedding photographs are an essential element when it comes to any marriage. Recording memories such as your wedding day can often help remind couples why they even got together in the first place! Here’s top 10 wedding photo ideas for 2021 for your inspirations:

groom wear bridal gown for wedding photo idea 2021

Whilst looking back on your wedding day you’ll want to reminisce and be able to relive how you were feeling! The rush of happiness that comes on your special day and everything that surrounds that day can be recalled with picture perfect photos.

Having a great photographer is one thing. 

However, planning the composition of your photos, ideal locations and if you need to arrange any special props or vehicles to compliment your day is paramount to producing successful photos.

Besides couple shots, you really want to be able to plan out the best possible shots for the bridal party, important guests and family members. There’s also so many detailed elements of a wedding that makes each one unique. Things such as invitations, welcome bags, photo collages and any other intricate features on the day. 

With 2020 pandemic strict lockdowns in Australia, you will have plenty of time to actually get creative and make your wedding day unique from any other that you’ve been to before! So, if you are out of ideas or inspiration we’ve got you covered! 

We’ve been through countless wedding albums over the years and have put together some of the most unique wedding photo ideas for you in 2021.

This list won’t cover typical wedding photo ideas, however will give you some inspiration to help you think of something unique and keepsake wedding photo ideas”

cute bride and groom yolk stuffed toys displayed in a wedding reception

1. All The Small Details That You Might Forget About

When looking back on your special day years down the track, it can often be hard to actually remember all the small details despite the amount of effort you put into them!

That’s why our first photo idea, as broad as it may seem is to remember to capture photos of all the small things that made your wedding unique. 

If you’re not actually sure what that might consist of, here are a few ideas; your stationary suite, your table setups, candles, welcome bags, signature cards, cocktail and bar setup, mains and deserts, the run sheet.

This list will go on however the idea is to capture as many small elements as possible.

shoes flowers and garter detail shot by black avenue productions
wedding ring detail shot by black avenue productions

2. Creative Wedding Shoe Photos

It’s typical to have photos of the bride and groom’s shoes by themselves or in action, for example putting them on whilst getting ready. Often wedding albums don’t justify the actual shoe and don’t provide enough detail to the importance of shoes! 

If you ask anyone, sometimes shoe selection can make or break an outfit, especially when people decide to get creative with things and wear NIKE shoes to their wedding – so 2020’s right?

wedding shoes for groom and groomsmen shot by blackavenue productions

3. Choose A Unique Vehicle To Ride In & Take Photos With

Gone are the days where getting a 50’s 60’s type Jaguar would be considered cool for your wedding day! It’s 2020, there is an unbelievable selection of modern wedding cars and if that’s too normal then you could even consider taking photos with a motorbike or scooter.

Using vehicles as props may be a less priority for most wedding photo shoots but if you know how to choose the right car that can fit your style and theme it could actually bring out the excitement and uniqueness of the concept.

bride and groom with black vintage car in wedding day
cute yellow mini cars drove by groom and groomsmen
classic vintage cars for wedding day

4. Just Get The Lighting Right!

Whether you’re having fireworks, taking sunset photos or simply just shooting photos at night, when it comes to getting amazing images, lighting is key. Again you’ll need an experienced photographer to help you in achieving this but if you do some research and find creative lighting photography it will make your photos. 

magical hour photoshoot awesome lighting shot by black avenue productions
golden hour photos hoot awesome lighting shot by black avenue productions
Elopment wedding photos idea on the mountain of Australia

5. Close-Up Couple Shots

Being able to get amazing and meaningful close up shots is one thing, however actually creating a photo that is unique is another story. When it comes to getting the most out of a couple shots, the background says it all. These are the shot’s you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Funny wedding photo idea for 2021 of a same sex couple on their wedding day having a laugh at Mon Bijou Melbourne Wedding venue
wedding couple close up shot by black avenue productions

6. Coloured smoke bomb couple shots

There’s no two ways about it. Smoke bombs are the best way to add an explosion of colour to your photos. You’ll make them memorable and eye catching. Smoke grenades can be used to create an eye catching background, achieve captivating effects or add atmosphere. Most importantly, when the subject moves around, the smoke trails will act to highlight movement.

Coloured smoke bomb couple shots by black avenue productions

7. All Guests With The Couple

Every party has a gigantic photo with all your friends and family, so why not do the same when it comes to yours? Well, you can – all you need is a wide angle lens like the canon 16-35mm and you are set. Hopefully that will fit everyone inside. Capture the amazing scenario and all your friends dressed up.

All Guests With The Couple shot beach wedding

8. The Reception Room Before Guests Arrive

Most reception rooms are gorgeous when set up and especially on farms and premium wedding venues it can be a breathtaking view. An awesome photo idea would be to take an amazing photo with a low shutter speed, low focal length and high ISO of around 1500! This will bring out the natural ambience and colour of the room. If things become too orange or blue, feel free to manually change your temperature within your camera from auto to whatever you desire!

reception room before guests arrive shot
reception room before guests arrive shot
reception room before guests arrive shot

9. An Amazing Scenery For Your Couple Shot

Think about where you live, are there any outstanding landmarks or scenic places that represent your home country or state? Incorporating scenic landscapes into your wedding photos can symbolise the beautiful place you and your partner choose to call home.

We’ve got a few breathtaking scenic ideas:

by the beach wedding photo shoot
classic retro background perfect for wedding couple photo shoot
horse ranch amazing shot for wedding couples
destinated wedding photo idea in The Grampians Australia waterfall wedding
Wedding photo idea with a horse as flower girl taken by award winning photographer Black Avenue Productions in Victoria Australia for a farm wedding

10. Epic Cake Shot with Couple

The wedding cake. The epicentre of the wedding. You need at least one grandiose photo with it.

Yes, of course you need a solo shot of the cake, a close up. We all know that. But have you considered getting photos of the couple:

  • Posing next to it before it’s cut
  • Cutting the cake
  • Feeding cake to each other
  • Serving cake to guests
bride and groom cutting a doughnut before cutting their wedidng cake
Melbourne bride and groom cutting wedding cake at Inglewood Estate rustic wedding photo idea

Without a doubt, you should be leaving this post with some fresh ideas on taking your wedding photos to the next level. Being unique is great, but make sure you have fun with your photos.

Written By Scooter Hire Melbourne

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