The Art of Golden Hour Wedding Photography

Jojo and Dan husband and wife sunset wedding photography by Black Avenue Productions during golden hour time

The golden hour glow gives your wedding photos a romantic and cinematic effect that will wow your Instagram feed.
If you’re planning for your perfect wedding and wonder how to allocate time for a photo shoot, this is the best article for you to read.
Through this blog, we want you to know how important it is to set aside an hour or two for a photography session so you won’t end up not being able to hang your wedding portrait on your wall because all of your shots are candid. 

The golden hour wedding photography, this actually happens two times a day, at sunrise and sunset. In this blog, let’s stick with sunset as it applies more to our experience with wedding and engagement photography.
The golden hour is generally the hour just before sunset. This tends to be when we photographers call the most ideal light as it can cast long shadows and showcase clouds that are defined and highlighted from horizontal light versus a more vertical light that happens in the peak of day

Here are 3 tips on how we can achieve that dream golden hour wedding photography:

Husband and Wife kissing during the golden hour in Melbourne photographed by Black Avenue Productions
Husband and Wife slightly kissing with a sunset background shot by Black Avenue Productions

1. Plan Ahead: Check the Weather and Sunset Time

The Black Avenue Productions team usually checks sunset time when we get a booking, so we can draft the best wedding photography timeline for you and plan ahead.

But sometimes things may not go as planned, especially when the weather may or may not cooperate, our team has the ability to shoot under all conditions and always try our best to give you that perfect money shot.

As what they say, “Embrace the conditions whatever they may be, your photos will be special nonetheless.”

2. Allocate Time For The Wedding Photo Session

A bride always look forward to her wedding photos so she can set them as social media profile picture, cover photo, or even put them on a huge frame and display them in their living room.
Hire a professional photographer who is capable of capturing the perfect shot is important to preserve your wedding memory.
We sometimes climb up a tree or lie down on the ground or use any technique to get that perfect shot.
We would recommend to spare one or two hours for photo shoot, we call it Bridal session.
The more time you set aside for the golden hour photo session, the more good wedding image you will get.

We always remind our brides and grooms to schedule specific hours for photoshoot only. We don’t want to rush things because we want you to enjoy your day as smoothly as possible.

Good time management equals great shots and a relaxed day.

bride and groom golden hour wedding photography shot by Black Avenue Productions

3. Seize The Moment

When it’s time for your bridal photo session, just be yourself and enjoy your day: get rid of any worries or concerns, it’s your time to shine.
You hired a professional photographer, meaning we know what to do and we know what’s best for you.
As long as you and your love of the life are together and happy, you will have beautiful wedding photos.

The secret is to remember that it is your wedding day, you have been waiting for so long and can finally married your best friend, most couples naturally look happy and have a glow. 

 So, seize the moment. Enjoy.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Think about how happy you are that you’re finally taking that one step to your lifetime journey with your favorite human.
The more positive things you have in your mind, the more beautiful or handsome you will appear in the pictures.
And that’s what we photographers are looking for… genuine smiles.

Here are some golden hour wedding photos for your inspo:

bride showing her ring together with her bridesmaids with flowers under the sunlight
golden glow wedding photography shot by Black Avenue Productions
Bride and Groom kissing during the golden hour shot by Black Avenue Productions
Bride and groom together with their bridesmaids and groomsmen having fun in the beach during the golden hour photographed by
Asian bride and groom golden hour photoshoot in the beach shot by Black Avenue Productions

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