A groom and bride strolling through Overnewton Castle's paths.

Overnewton Castle: Your Ideal Venue For Wedding Ceremonies & Receptions

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Melbourne, Overnewton Castle stands as a timeless symbol of elegance and charm. With its rich history and stunning architecture, this majestic venue offers a captivating setting for a wide range of functions and events. Whether you’re planning an intimate wedding ceremony or a reception for a large gathering of […]

Narrative Portraiture - Bride and Groom looking at each other lovingly

Narrative Portraiture: Crafting Love Stories Through Wedding Photography

Are you worried your wedding photos will look like everyone else’s? Are you concerned about how to make your personality shine through? Or are you a photographer that struggles with narrative portraiture– capturing the true essence of the couple’s story? What makes a wedding photo stand out in a world where every second is captured […]

Bride and Groom embracing each other in the picturesque cliffsides of Moonah Links

Claire and Paul’s Wedding at Moonah Links | Featured on Wedding VIC

Claire and Paul’s Picturesque Fairytale Wedding at Moonah Links | As seen on Wedding VIC Claire and Paul had their Wedding VIC featured ceremony on a warm, sunny afternoon at Pepper’s Moonah Links. The function took place at the private resort, and the post-ceremony photos were taken by the rocky shores of Mornington Peninsula, with […]

Real Wedding at Russo Estate | Featured on Wedding VIC

Stephanie and Andrew’s Rustic Wedding at Russo Estate | As seen on Wedding VIC Stephanie and Andrew tied the knot on a warm April afternoon at the picturesque Russo Estate at Diggers Rest. Russo Estate is located just a short 35 minutes drive from Melbourne CBD, and surrounded by 360 degrees panoramic views. Renowned as […]

How to Customise Your Wedding Photoshoot for a Fun and Meaningful Experience

Why is it important to customise your wedding? Your wedding day is the blockbuster of your love story, and your photos should be nothing short of an epic masterpiece. But why settle for the same old cookie-cutter shots when you can turn your photoshoot into a delightful adventure? “A customised wedding photoshoot is not just […]

Top 3 Tips for Planning Your Creative Sessions

Planning creative sessions is a stressful part of wedding planning. Would you agree or disagree? In the grand scheme of wedding planning, creative sessions might seem trivial. I mean, why would you stress over it when there are bigger things to worry about – like the venue, menu, seating arrangements, vendors and everything else?  Unfortunately, […]

Bride and groom is showered with flower petals as they have their first walk down the aisle.

The Captivating Role of Flowers in Wedding Photography

The role of flowers in wedding photography could never be overstated. Flowers are one of the most important elements in any type of wedding – be it traditional, outdoor, indoor, and even destination weddings. The delicate blooms not only add a touch of natural beauty but also play a pivotal role in enhancing various aspects […]

Top Reasons for Choosing Outdoor Wedding Photography

Outdoor wedding photography has been gaining traction thanks to the popularity of outdoor weddings. Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, a day you’ll cherish for a lifetime. From saying “I do” to the heartfelt toasts and the joyous celebrations, every moment is worth preserving in its truest and most beautiful form. “Capturing the essence […]

A beautiful photo of the bridal party as they stand in front of the shoreline with the setting sun and seagulls flying in the background.

Tips to Coordinate Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Dresses

Is it necessary to coordinate bridesmaids and groomsmen dresses photography wise? Is it necessary to coordinate bridesmaids and groomsmen dresses from a photography perspective? Let’s address this question upfront. The answer is no. A skilled photographer can capture all your cherished moments and transform them into exquisite memories. However, if you’re a couple who aspires […]

The Role of Candid Photography in Authentic Wedding Storytelling

Every couple dreams of that flawless wedding album—where every smile is ideally placed and every pose is curated. But what about the raw, unscripted moments captured through candid photography? The hushed whispers, the unbridled laughter, the tearful gazes, or even the playful nudges? These are the moments that often get overshadowed by posed perfection. “Candid […]