Planning creative sessions is a stressful part of wedding planning. Would you agree or disagree?

In the grand scheme of wedding planning, creative sessions might seem trivial. I mean, why would you stress over it when there are bigger things to worry about – like the venue, menu, seating arrangements, vendors and everything else? 

Unfortunately, planning creative sessions is a detail often overlooked. As a result, photographers and clients may encounter unforeseen issues on the day of the wedding. In most situations, time tends to be the common problem. Unaccounted travel times can create a snowball of disasters. From cutting the session short, to cancelling a planned visit to a location altogether, leading to unnecessary stress.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the significance of time and share a few additional tips to help you plan and manage your creative sessions flawlessly!

1. Scout for Locations

As you embark on planning your creative sessions, recognising the significance of location scouting is paramount. This is particularly beneficial if you haven’t decided on a specific location yet. Taking the time to explore the best nearby locations or those close to your wedding venue can be invaluable in determining where you’d like your creative sessions to unfold. Consider selecting places that hold sentimental value for both of you as a couple.

Of course, some couples entrust the responsibility of location scouting entirely to professional photographers, who possess a keen eye for choosing beautiful settings and transforming even standard locations into captivating photos. Some couple even opt to shoot on their wedding venue to save time and preparations, especially for outdoor and destination weddings where the venue itself offers spectacular natural backdrops. However, for those couples who prefer to personalise every aspect of their wedding (as they rightly should!)Proactively scouting for locations in advance and planning every detail can be a rewarding approach!

2. Curate Inspirations for Poses

The initial step in selecting a photographer is determining the narrative style you want to convey. In wedding photography, poses play a pivotal role in crafting beautiful and lasting memories of your special day. According to the wedding website Hi Miss Puff, the execution of a pose can be the defining factor that elevates a good photo to a truly exceptional one.

While it’s crucial to feel at ease and authentic during your creative shots (candid photos can turn out really beautiful!), being prepared with a few rehearsed poses is equally important.

In your quest for hunting wedding inspirations, or deep-diving into the world of hectic wedding preparations you’ve likely come across numerous stunning wedding photos that could easily grace the pages of a magazine. Perhaps friends and family have also shared their own gorgeous wedding photos on social media.  If you’re a fan of Pinterest, there’s a wealth of inspiration available on the site through various mood boards and photos. For visual ideas, Instagram stands out as an excellent platform. Explore wedding photography accounts like Black Avenue Productions for pose inspiration.

Candid photo of the bride and groom where the bride laughs heartily while being embraced by her groom.
Candid photo of the bride dancing while her groom looks at her - with the sea as the background

3. Allocate Time for Creative Sessions

Creative sessions demand a considerable amount of time, with an ideal duration not being shorter than 2 hours. While it may initially seem excessive for capturing a couple of photos, this timeframe accounts for the time spent packing up tools and gear, and loading them into the car. It’s also important to consider the distance between your chosen locations and the time required to move from one to the next. 

Creative sessions typically take place after the ceremony and before the reception, making it crucial to keep your photographer in the loop with any updates and essential information. In addition to conveying your vision to the photographer, it’s essential to collaborate with them in crafting a timeline that aligns seamlessly with your creative sessions.