Why is it important to customise your wedding? Your wedding day is the blockbuster of your love story, and your photos should be nothing short of an epic masterpiece. But why settle for the same old cookie-cutter shots when you can turn your photoshoot into a delightful adventure?

“A customised wedding photoshoot is not just photography; it’s a tailored journey through emotions and artistry, crafting a visual narrative that immortalises the magic of your special day,” says visual storyteller and news writer Olivia Jones from 8 News.

So, grab your camera (or your photographer) and let’s dive into the secrets of how you can customise your wedding photoshoot for a fun and meaningful experience. It’s time to turn your special day into a cinematic adventure that you’ll treasure forever. Ready? Lights, camera, “I do”!


Choose a location that holds special meaning for your as a couple, such as the place where you first met or got engaged.


Bring props that reflect your personality or interests, whether it’s a shared hobby, favourite books, or items that symbolise your relationship.

3. wardrobe choices

Coordinate outfits that complement each other and reflect your style. Consider incorporating personal touches like custom accessories or themed attire.

Customise Your Wedding - Bride and her bridesmaids during her getting-ready shoot, wearing matching floral pajamas.
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If you have pets, incorporate them into the photoshoot for a touch of playfulness and to include important members of your family.

5. night time or sunset photos

Schedule a portion of the shoot during sunset or at night to capture romantic and enchanting images with creative lighting.


Include close family and friends in some of the photos to captures the support and love that surrounds your relationship.

Customise Your Wedding - Bride and her family and friends pose pose for a group photo.
Customise Your Wedding - Bride wearing a traditional Chinese wedding dress, surrounded by her 4 bridesmaids who are blowing her kisses.
Customise Your Wedding - Bride and groom making their exit after the farewell circle.


Incorporate movement into the photoshoot by dancing or engaging in playful activities, capturing the dynamic and energetic side of your relationship.

Stunning photo of the bride and groom during their first dance. The groom twirls the bride as they dance surrounded by pretty pink flowers and under a stunning crystal chandelier.

Ask your photographer to focus on capturing close-up shots of important details, such as wedding rings, intricate decorations, or sentimental items.

9. Incorporate cultural elements

Infuse your cultural background into the photos by including traditional attire, rituals or decorations that are meaningful to both of you.

Customise Your Wedding - In front of the altar, the bride and groom's son hugs and kisses his mom's cheek.
Customise Your Wedding - During their tea ceremony, surrounded by pretty red and pink flowers, the bride (wearing a red traditional Chinese dress) and the groom (black and white tux) drink tea in a toast.
Customise Your Wedding - The groom stands between four groomsmen. The two groomsmen on both ends each holding the Flags of Greece and Serbia.
10. Express emotions

Don’t be afraid to express genuine emotions during the shoot, whether it’s laughter, tears, or moments of quiet reflection.

Customise Your Wedding - A tender moment captured between the bride and groom during their bridal shoot. The bride is smiling as the groom kisses her cheek.
Discover the power of personalised touches, whether it’s incorporating sentimental items, embracing cultural traditions, or weaving in shared hobbies. Uncover innovative ideas for thematic photoshoots that reflect your personalities and passions, ensuring that each photograph becomes a visual poetry of your love.

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