Professional Wedding Photographers in Melbourne

Why Should You Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Wedding day is one of the most beautiful and special events that will happen in your life. But, we can never get rid of the stress in terms of dealing with guests, makeup retouch, or just checking if the program is running smoothly. And that is the blind side of this supposed-to-be perfect day. Fortunately, […]

lovely couple signing their marriage contract

How To Stay Calm When Planning Your Wedding During These Uncertain Times

How To Plan Your Wedding During Hard Times? Planning a wedding can be nerve-racking–what more if it’s in the middle of a pandemic? These days, the level of anxiety associated with most wedding preparations is higher due to the current global crisis. However, Alister Clare, the CEO and Financial specialist at Credit Capital is optimistic […]

Asian gorgeous model in white wedding dress outdoor shoot

Five Helpful Tips to Look Better in Every Photo

Five Tips to Look Better in Photos Discover the poses, clothing, and beauty tricks that will help you bring out your inner celebrity for the camera. So you never have to hit the “untag” button again! Contrary to popular belief, being photogenic is an acquired skill – not an inborn talent reserved only for celebrities. […]

beautiful newly wed couples in their meadowbank estate wedding photo shot by Black Avenue Productions

[Soranya + Francesco] Classic Elegant Meadowbank Estate Wedding

Meadowbank Estate Wedding We all know that ice cream is a love language for but Soranya & Francesco, it turns out their favourite ice cream store – Messina, was not just the place of falling in love with milk chocolate & choc peanut fudge, but also with each other! Their ice cream riddled love story […]

married couple together with bridal entourage in a beach wedding at Brighton Savoy shot by award winning wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

Melissa and Daniel’s Dream Beach Wedding in Brighton Savoy

Melissa and Daniel’s beach wedding in Brighton Savoy a ‘no-brainer’ after how they met At just 14, Daniel and Melissa became a couple after meeting at school camp by the beach. “We share similar values and interests and life goals and aspirations. The beach is one of them,” says Melissa, now 28. “We are both […]

Sallie and Tai's showtime events centre wedding shot by Black Avenue Productions

Modern Romance Showtime Events Centre Wedding in South Wharf

Emotional Showtime Events Centre wedding that will surely touch your hearts The magical event happened at Kamesburgh Gardens in Brighton, Victoria where Sallie married her beau Tai on January 11, 2020. Their reception followed at Showtime Events Centre. Sallie was walked down the aisle by her brother, three-year-old son, and… a handful of sticks. “My […]

First Look Black Avenue Productions Featured Image

5 Reasons Why You NEED ‘First Look’ at Your Wedding

First Look is a ‘Tradition’ If there is one word that is synonymous with weddings, it is the word ‘tradition’. Our cultural traditions play a huge role in shaping the decisions we make about how, where, and when we are to be married, and often even who we are going to marry. 19th century Dutch […]

asian couples by the sea in Melbourne shot by black avenue productions

[Carmen + Alex] Extraordinary Melbourne City Wedding

Carmen and Alex’s magical city-meets-the-sea wedding Today’s gorgeous couple were super lucky to squeeze their dream wedding in just before the COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia. Carmen and Alex tied the knot in a gorgeous Melbourne City wedding, surrounded by friends and family. Their wedding was packed with personality, as well as old and new traditions […]