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Being a Melbourne wedding photographers, Black Avenue Productions shot hundreds of wedding invitation card sets, let us share some tips on how to draft your wedding invitation set.

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Finding your soulmate was the easy part. It is planning a wedding that requires real work. And as the big day is getting closer, you can feel the jitters setting in.
Weddings are not all rainbows and sunshine. Sure, it is a beautiful occasion when two people commit to each other and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. You have good food, good music and your loved ones for the company. However, you’re required to fulfil specific legal requirements laid down by the state to get married in Australia. And don’t even get me started on the meticulous planning process!

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Wedding invitation

The wedding invite is a sneak-peek into the actual ceremony. It is more than just a fancy piece of stationery with beautiful calligraphy and delicate floral patterns. Wedding invites serve the practical purpose of giving the guests an idea about what to expect from the event.

A wedding invitation set can be divided into two main sections. The practical aspect includes all the mandatory details about the ceremony. Add details like date, time, venue and a general itinerary of the wedding. The creative element deals with the design and overall aesthetic appeal of the invite.

It is a balanced combination of both these aspects that makes the invite accessible and appealing. Read on to know all about drafting wedding invites below. These simple and practical tips will help you design stunning invitations ready to be signed, sealed and delivered.

The Practical Aspect

Once you have the guest list finalized, you can move on to draft the invite. Be clear about what you want to include in the invitation card. Where is the wedding being held? Who is invited? Is there a provision for a plus one? What is the RSVP deadline? What should be the dress code guests should adhere to? These are a few questions that will be answered via the wedding invite.   

Ensure that you include the complete address of the venue to avoid any confusions later. The invite should be worded in a way that is polite yet welcoming. You can even add additional details about the reception party or other events that might follow the wedding.

Incorporating personalized notes is seen as an exciting way to make the guests feel special and appreciated. Having a clear RSVP message is another valuable addition. It gives you a good idea about the estimated number of people for the ceremony. The wedding planners can decide the menu and décor accordingly.   

The Creative Part

After you have finalized the itinerary details of the wedding invitation, you can move to the creative element. This includes the overall design of the invite and the impact it creates. You don’t want it to look bland and boring, do you?

The wedding invitation card is a reflection of the event; it hints at the ambience of the wedding. It sets the expectations for the wedding. Guests have no doubts about the attire, arrival and aesthetics of the ceremony. For instance, if your wedding is a close-knit, intimate affair, the design of the invite should convey that.

The font, colour, borders and patterns used for the invite doesn’t just determine its aesthetic appeal. It also paints a picture of how the event is organized. For instance, the extravagant wedding ceremonies usually have pristine white invites with lace patterns and flowery scripts. A more casual affair or beach weddings, on the other hand, would have a more comfortable design.

Wedding invites usually come in shades of white or ivory. You can deviate from the norm and have your colour scheme, provided it complements the theme of the ceremony. Also, check if the details are legible and easy to understand.

You can even experiment with the shape and size of the card, giving it your quirky twist. Most invites are rectangular and made of white or ivory paper. You can break free from the tradition and resize the card any way you want.

Drafting the wedding invitation set is not just about the design and detailing though. It also has a lot of other elements that need their due consideration. The time mentioned in the invite, the date of delivery and the overall costs is crucial aspects you cannot avoid. It is always better to send out the invites early. This gives the guests ample time to decide and send in their responses.

The RSVP wording helps both the parties- the host and the guests- reach an agreement of sorts. The invite, therefore, also serves both as a summary of the wedding and a preparatory measure.

You can even specify any unique information about the ceremony. In case, if you want a pet-friendly wedding or an adults-only crowd, the invite should clearly define it. And if you are deciding to include kids, ensure that you mention about the babysitters hired to supervise them.

It is also advisable to include a dress code of sorts for the guests. If you are planning on a ceremonial country-style occasion, then include phrases like “black tie”, “formal dresses” and “suits” in the invite. Adding a return address on the back flap of the invite envelope is also mandatory.

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