You have chosen your best friends, your brothers, sisters, cousins to be in your bridal party for a reason, they hold an important role on your wedding.
Be sure to let our photography team to take lots of your Bridal party photos like below:

Showing off your bling to your gals can be fun
Bridal party photos by Sorrento All Smile beach wedding in Melbourne showing three lovely bridesmaids playing with the water in beige dresses

Story Telling | Bridal party photos

Black Avenue Productions images are raw, romantic, have a soft focus and always from captured with an artistic point of view. 
We look for the intimacy in the ‘in between’ moments, searching for natural light and beauty in unusual places, rather than traditionally posed photos.

We believe that your final wedding photos should represent the real and honest story of your day, which includes your bridal party photos.

couple kiss in the middle of snow mobil for their snow engagement photos
Bridal party in the snow, yes! We travel!

Bridal party photos should reflect you and your friendship with your best friends, we would like to capture these moments to your wedding story.

Playing with the bride’s hair extension can be like playing with fire once she see this photo

Of all the photos you’ll take on your wedding day, you want a few that truly stand out, especially amongst those taken with your bridal party who are, typically, your nearest and dearest.

If jumping is your thing, go ahead and jump high

How much time for Bridal party photos session?

Bridal party photos idea by Black Avenue Productions in rustic wedding in Melbourne
Jen invited her beloved pet horse Arty to walk her down the aisle

Depending on the number of people (or pets) in your bridal party, the more time we have, the more photos we can get.
Generally we would like to have at least 15 to 30 mins to get from your traditional formal posed photos, to fun and silly photos (if you have a crazy bunch), as well as some candid moments.

Melbourne bridal throw her bouquet at Docklands to her bridal party photos captured by Black Avenue Productions
With 9 bridesmaids, Queenie decided to throw her bouquet on the pier

Let us know if you have any particular Bridal party photos ideas, we love to try new thing!
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