wedding details shot showing a rustic bridal table fill with tasty foods for pre reception nibbles
Beautiful pearl Chanel necklace and wedding rings details photo by Melbourne wedding photographer Derek Chan

Wedding Details and Decorations Photography

You have spent months and weeks planning your wedding, putting all your heart, time, money and energy to create your wedding story, to make your wedding uniquely YOU AND YOUR PARTNER.
Won’t you want to have a team of professional to capture all the small little wedding details?
Your wedding photos are to depict and narrate a beautiful picture of how the biggest day of your life took place. Most importantly, they are should be able to warm your hearts when you revisit these photos. Several years down the road, wedding photos are often showcase to relatives and even the next generation.

fine art wedding detail shot of grooms getting ready by Derek Chan

How to save time on your wedding day?

Be prepare!

Get all the below items ready the night before, put them in one area so when our photography team arrive for your bride’s getting ready photo, we can arrange your items beautifully while you can be relaxed, let your hair and makeup artist to finish your final touch.

  • Wedding gowns
  • Wedding shoes
  • Earrings, perfumes, wedding jewellery 
  • Bridal bouquets
  • Engagement rings
  • Invitation card & stationary
  • Groom’s attire
  • Cufflinks
  • Wedding rings
  • Belt and shoes
  • Bridal party gifts
  • Button hole corsage
  • Anything that you have spent your time and energy as part of your love story

How long does it take for my wedding decorations photography?

Ideally we would like to have 30 mins from Bride’s getting ready, and 30 mins from groom’s getting ready.
For us to find the best light source, set up in the suitable background, arrange them like you seen on Instragram, and photographing them.
Please allow little extra time if you adding wedding videography too.

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

Karl Lagerfeld

What’s your must have wedding details and decoration photos?
Please let us know and we will be sure to make it happen for you!

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