You put a lot of thought into what you want your bridal style to look like. From your hair and makeup, your wedding gown, your jewellery, your bridesmaid dresses, your shoes, your ring, your invitation card, your bridal bouquet… You have put all your heart and energy into planning your wedding, be sure to have your photographer take a picture of all the little details.

While you are in the earlier stages of getting ready we like to focusing on documenting the location and atmosphere and every little detailed to create fine art photograph like this hat represent your wedding story.

How much time is needed for bride getting ready photo?

Ideally we would love to have a solid 1.5 to 2 hours for bride getting ready photo session. Let me give you an idea of how long it takes to photographing your excited morning leading up to your wedding ceremony:

  • 30 mins – Wedding items: Your gown, shoes, earrings, invitation card, engagement ring, garter, flowers, perfume, and anything you would like to be in your wedding album
  • 30 mins – You and your bridal party chilling out: maybe in matching silk robe with their names emboss on it. You pick these girls to be your bridesmaids for a reason, you would like to spend time with your girls having a glass of bubble, looking all glam up, celebrating your special day.
  • 15 mins – For you and all your girls to get changed into Wedding attire. We will continue to take candid shots in the mean time.
  • 30 mins – Bridal portrait + bridal party photos
  • 15 mins – If you have plenty of time, we can do some more fun shot. Or adding extra family photos before we head to the groom.
First Look for your parents is also a fun and excited moment that we can captured the raw emotions

We need to photograph both the bride’s getting ready and also the groom’s preparations. Neither of you will be aware of what the other is doing before your ceremony. By having photographs of both bride and grooms getting ready you will be able to relive the time you are apart, the laughs, the tears and all the other beautiful moments. The bride getting ready photos should be stunning photos that document a very important moment… you are putting on your wedding dress and this means we are about to go to the wedding ceremony, we would love to capture these precious moments to add into your wedding story!

We would love to photograph all your wedding items to your story.

Black Avenue Productions wedding planning team will help you plan your wedding timeline to ensure that you have a smooth and relax wedding day.
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