Weddings are a time for celebration, when you and your guys get together, it’s time to share a toast and a few laughs, make sure we capture these moments to create a story to show your bride after the wedding!
Here’s what your “groom getting ready” photos may look like:

Melbourne guys having a laugh at their groom getting ready photo by Black Avenue Productions

Our approached to Groom Getting Ready

Generally, we focus more on the finishing stages of the men getting ready.
By the time we get to the groom’s house, the boys should be almost dressed, we do not need to capture half naked guys having a shower or shaving haha

Sometimes we do not have time to go to the groom’s house. In this case we can staged a few groomsmen shots while waiting at the wedding ceremony venue.

We especially like the interaction, camaraderie, and emotion between the groom and all the boys.
The excitement, joy, joking, playfulness and even nerves are genuine, real, authentic feelings.
These are wonderful photographic memories which the bride won’t be able to see because she is usually getting ready somewhere else.

Groom getting ready session is more relaxed than bride getting ready, no need to be too seriously.

How long does it take for Groom Getting Ready session?

We would recommend at least one hour for us to spend with the groom.
Have all the items ready to go before our crew arrive at the house:

  • 30 mins – Wedding items: The suit, shoes, watches, invitation card, wedding rings, cufflinks, gifts, button hole flowers, etc
  • 30 mins – Get changed + Groom portrait + groomsmen having a drink
  • 15 mins -Extra family photos + Wedding car if needed

First Look to the parents is another emotional moment.

Fun time for groom getting ready photo session in Docklands Melbourne Australia by Black Avenue Productions

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