Planning An Intimate Wedding, we have the best tips that you should know when planning intimate weddings. The world may have changed, but you’re still going to get married! Although the celebration might be a little different than initially planned. Don’t worry because a small intimate wedding is just as good as a splendid one if you share it with family and friends.

“Of course, larger affairs have their greatness. But for now, let’s enjoy what’s safer. Aside from social distancing policies, some people want smaller weddings to spend more time with each guest. Others do it for the budget and privacy. Regardless of the size, weddings can be enjoyable and fabulous when you take care of details.”, shares life and relationship specialist Greyson Piper of Pickup Line.


Planning An Intimate Wedding, bride and groom dancing in the middle of the room while a ray of sunlight acts as a spotlight to the newly wed couple. Captured by Derek Chan of Black Avenue Productions

Choose a venue that offers food and beverages, romantic interiors, and music and lighting equipment. This way, little effort is needed for decorations and logistics.

Consider opting for a venue that can accommodate 100 guests for sit-down functions and 120 for cocktails and canapes, one with a unique atmosphere for weddings.

2. PLANNING YOUR INTIMATE WEDDING? Plan Your Guestlist Strategically!

Typically, an intimate wedding has only 50 guests. You can stretch it a bit to include “Plus Ones”.

Reflect if the guest list should include work colleagues or neighbours. Be consistent with your criteria to avoid friction. Plan how you will manage family and friends who you won’t invite.

Some event coordinators advise couples to review their phone calls and text messages in the last three months. If you’ve communicated within that time, you’re close.

A smaller guest list also makes sending handwritten invitations easier than printed ones.

3. Splurge A Bit on Food and Drinks

With a smaller crowd, there’s more room for a detailed menu. Food and drinks are the vital definitions of experiences, so consider spending a little more on these. Depending on the venue and season, you can have a 7-course meal with quality wines, an elaborate buffet, or fancy canapes. Personalising the menu is easier because you have fewer things to think about.

4. Create a Timeline

Guests are busy chatting and a board with the welcome sign. Captured by Black Avenue Productions

Put the timeline in the invitation or display it on a gorgeous board in the venue. This way, you’re sending a subtle cue to everyone that it’s still a serious event despite the size. It’s also a polite way of telling guests with designated roles to come on time, rather than texting them, “Don’t be late!”.

5. Don’t Compete

Just because a friend had an intimate wedding in a fancy European location doesn’t mean your marriage isn’t fabulous!

The comparison game isn’t worth playing; it will only stress you out. Your wedding is unique simply because it is only yours. And what’s fancier than having genuine fun because you didn’t overspend or overcomplicate things?

How about the intimate moments in your wedding?

While your friends are absolute pros at capturing the highlights of your wedding day, there are certain things they could overlook.

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