Destination Wedding Photography lovely bride posing by a cherry blossom tree

Photographs immortalise weddings. If the cake is a little too sweet, everybody will soon forget its effect on the palate. But wedding photos last.

So, whether it’s for an engagement or wedding day photoshoot, make sure to hire a professional photographer. Consider a photography studio that specialises in destination weddings if you’re planning to have the snaps taken in another country.

At Black Avenue Productions, we make sure that the photoshoot becomes a part of an enjoyable experience—rather than a mandatory inclusion to modern-day weddings/engagements.

Photographs That Tell Your Story

Wedding and engagement photographers always aim to tell the couple’s story. It is your story that makes the images genuinely unique.

Destination Wedding, couple standing with a view
Destination Wedding Couple posing with a great view
Destination Wedding Photography lovely bride watching the view by the bridge
Destination Wedding Photography couple standing by a bridge in Japan

Throughout our team members’ careers, we’ve developed a keen attention to detail that makes the images amazingly personal. Our goal is to make the couple blend in the idyllic background of their chosen destination.

Our extensive portfolio showcases our versatility—from couples in fairy-tale manors, tranquil beaches, breathtaking mountains, and mesmerizing city skyline. Our team carefully selects backdrops that will perfectly present the couple’s intimacy. Just last year, we traveled to Japan for a series of wedding-styled photoshoots. The stunning temples at Koyasan, Nagoya, and Arashi represented the spiritual and emotional bonding of the couple. We even caught a proposal near Fuji Mountain!

“At the end of the shoot, your album should consist of genuine moments—the slow dance, the laughing bridesmaids, the pensive father-in-law.”, points out Nate Ward, the marketing officer of Wedding Cakes Sydney.

Your One-Stop Shop for Destination Wedding Photography

Black Avenue Productions offers destination pre-wedding and wedding photography and videography. We encourage you to book at least two photographers so that we can cover as many moments as possible. The lead photographer will focus on the bride, while the secondary snapper will capture photos of the groom, guests, and other details.

Destination Wedding Photography Bride standing outside a cathedral
Destination Wedding Couple kissing by the bridge

Depending on you, choose from a half-day (4 hours minimum) and whole day (12-hour) coverage. Of course, there are circumstances when the shoot has to be divided into days—especially in destination weddings.

At the end of the event, you’ll be given a USB stick that contains 500 basic-edited, colour corrected, and watermark-free wedding photos. We will set each image at a high-resolution size to be ready for printing and online sharing.

Destination Wedding Photography bride happily posing outside the church
Destination Wedding bride standing by the window
Destination Wedding Photography Couple posing with a wonderful forest background

We will also build an online gallery with a link that can be shared among family and friends. With a unique link, your loved ones can take a peek at your fabulous destination photoshoot. You can download photos from this gallery and protect them with a password. We also made it easier to order printed materials through the gallery.

Bespoke wedding albums are timeless family treasures! You can choose between various colours and materials. You may also customise the album to suit the ambience of your destination photoshoot.

Destination Wedding Photography couple watching the Japanese town
Destination Wedding Photography Lovely brides in a Japanese Home
Destination Wedding Photography, lovely couple posing outside a Japanese house

Our professional makeup artist can also take care of your hair and face during the shoot.

For travel wedding photoshoots, it’s crucial to work with a team that knows exactly how to begin and end. Black Avenue Productions offers custom-made destination wedding photography designed to let you relax and enjoy the day. Contact us now to discuss your dreams!