Tent Weddings

Tent Weddings – What You Need To Know

Tent weddings have been around and have been chosen by a number of couples as their first option for their marriage over church weddings and garden weddings for quite a while now and an outdoor wedding is rarely complete without the possibility of a tent so that is mainly the reason why a number of couples opt for tent weddings.

Tent Weddings Venue White Cloth Drapes

The tent is often the focal point of a backyard wedding ceremony, reception, or both. Tents come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and the style, environment, and number of guests at your event will determine the sort of wedding tent required. Your wedding planner and/or event designer will assist you in making the best decision and weighing your options, which include sailcloth, ClearSpan, and glass. A clear-top tent in the middle of summer won’t keep your flowers fresh, and an open-air tent in the middle of winter can be difficult to heat.

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Non-Negotiables in Tent Weddings

When preparing a tent weddings, outdoor event, flooring is just as important as it is when building a house. To save money, it may be tempting to skip the tent’s foundation in favor of the grass beneath it, but doing so would almost certainly result in a slew of last-minute fees and modifications. Rain is a concern, but many people overlook the dangers of mud and messes on the ground, which may be devastating [for you and your guests].

In a tent, hosting an event is practically the same as building a venue from the ground up. When you’re throwing a wedding in a tent, lighting, ceiling, and sidewall treatments are all more crucial than usual, It’s especially crucial if you’re holding an evening event because it’ll be dark outside and there won’t be any scenery visible—even if the sides are open. The ambiance is similar to being in a plastic bag if the sides are down without any drape or ornamentation. Consider this while choosing a location; hiring a plot of land to set up a tent necessitates plenty of time to construct, decorate, and dismantle afterward. You’ll also want to save money and time for the decor; in addition to flowers and tables, you’ll be choosing the flooring, walls, and more when planning a tent wedding.

Tent Weddings - Venue Grass Flooring

The Essentials in Tent Weddings

Although it may appear that erecting a tent is simple, there are many different sorts of constructions to choose from, both domestically and internationally. The tent styles that are mostly used are clear top, where the sky can be seen through the ceiling; a white top, where the ceiling is opaque; sailcloth, where the poles come to a point in the ceiling for a more dramatic look; and greenhouse, which feels more like a residential structure. Every tent has its own personality, and the appearance you’re striving for should influence whatever style you choose for your event.

Tents are generally thought of as ‘backup plans’ for adverse weather, but that should not be the approach. One can appreciate how a tent defines space and helps to create a feeling of place; it’s the foundation for a spectacular event.

Couples should approach tents in the same way they would an interior designer: from the ground up and with a residential eye. Use color, varied table kinds, dramatic band backdrops, and never forget to create a statement with the stage fascia and the dance floor. Lighting is the most critical factor in genuinely making everything cohesive and lovely, no matter how many fabulous handcrafted pieces you have in your tent.

Couple Sitting by the glass pane in Glass Tent setup

The Glass Tent Wedding

We’re only slightly infatuated with the glass tent when it comes to finding a tent overseas. These greenhouse-like structures are now only legal to erect in other countries, and they’re perfect for a couple who want to maintain the romantic design of a European castle or villa in the same space’s grounds for their glass tent weddings.

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Making Something Out of Nothing

A tent is a blank canvas that sets the stage for the imagination to run wild, rather than entering into a rented building and working with its established architecture and design. Within the confines of a tent, you may build any universe you desire. From the tables’ textures, soft sitting lounges, and bars to chandeliers, hanging installations, walls, windows, doors, and floors that complement the event’s design.

A tent avoids the need to compete with typical ballrooms’ tough patterned carpet and off-colored walls, as well as any existing light fixtures, art, and structural components that might be difficult to design around. A tent also defines the space’s boundary and creates boundaries that entice attendees to join in the festivities.

If a customer wants something timeless, traditional, and formal, a tent with a billowy liner on the ceiling that hides structural components might work for them. If customers prefer a more modern design or if they want to highlight the property’s stunning views, they can opt for a clear-top tent. For something more organic and natural, a sailcloth tent may be used. Choosing a tent is similar to deciding on the type of home you want to buy. The tent style sets the tone for the rest of the decor design during tent weddings.

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Know the Weather Report for the day

When planning a tented event, keep three things in mind: the season, the setting, and, of course, your personal flair. When the location offers breathtaking views of nature, choose a tent that allows everyone to take everything in. Translucent ceilings and open walls invite the outside beauty within. On hot summer days, though, full clear tents might make you feel like you’re sitting in a humid greenhouse. However, if your function is scheduled for the evening, it is the ideal location for viewing the stars.

Structured tents are ideal for people who enjoy full drapery or elaborate ceiling installations. They can support the weight of a design installation while also providing insulation in the winter. Sailcloth tents are light and airy, and they lend themselves to the windy weather of beach and garden weddings. They’re also wonderful for allowing in a lot of natural light, which will liven up your home. Seasonality is important; sailcloth tents are rarely seen in the dead of winter. The tent should match the theme, be appropriate for the location and weather, and contribute to the design plot.

Tent Weddings Venue with a view
Melbourne couple married at their country club wedding on September 29, 2018 with 80 guests at RACV Healesville Country Club in Victoria.

Alterntatives for tents

Tents have historically been used for protection from the weather, but they also offer the chance to put design features at a higher focal point than otherwise possible. Some organizers frequently [choose] for exquisite wooden constructions to be wrapped in fabric and ornamented with flowers to retain the ‘alfresco’ outside vibe.

Use the wooden framework as a decor feature rather than a structural aspect to give it a truly unique feel. Match the color of the wood to the venue. Draped ceiling and hanging flower chandeliers adorned with David Austin Roses from the beams to provide guests with a cool break from the heat. This has the appearance and feel of a tent but without rigid construction.

These are the essential things that you need to know when planning Tent Weddings.

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