How To Plan Your Wedding During Hard Times?

Planning a wedding can be nerve-racking–what more if it’s in the middle of a pandemic? These days, the level of anxiety associated with most wedding preparations is higher due to the current global crisis.

However, Alister Clare, the CEO and Financial specialist at Credit Capital is optimistic in celebrating weddings amidst the pandemic. According to Clare, “Amidst the threats of the Coronavirus, some wedding arrangements can still work. You may celebrate an outdoor or drive-in ceremony, or a live-streamed wedding, for instance. With minimised rentals, food, beverages’, and expenses, you can have a more straightforward, socially-distant wedding. Cutting down your guest lists doesn’t mean that you can’t have your dream wedding.”

Below are the best tips to stay calm while planning for your wedding. Follow this guide so that when your special day finally comes, you’ll be the fresh blushing bride as you can be.


When you’re in doubt, frustrated or stressed out, take a deep breath. Try to pause whenever things look like they are growing more than enough for you.

Breathing affects your physiology, and your emotions will be calmed by it. Be mindful of your breathing routine and see to it that you don’t overthink too much.

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Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

Of all the many reasons to hire a wedding planner, the best time is now. They’re specialists at managing everything from the venue down to the souvenirs.

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Seek Advice From The Experts

Don’t carry the issues to yourself. Consult with your wedding manager, partners, and suppliers. Getting help from industry experts will surely lighten your load and help prevent any consternation as the big day approaches.

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Always Look At The Brighter Side

Always be positive and take care of yourself. Be mindful of the things you claim to yourself then flip it anytime you think it’s something negative. 

So rather than saying “My wedding will be cancelled because of the pandemic,” be positive and profess, “I’m still going to have a memorable wedding day, and it will be awesome.”

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Look Forward To The Memories You’ll Make

Hire professional videographers and photographers Melbourne to capture the most significant moments on your special day. More than the celebration and the ceremonies, it’s the memories you’ll make together that matters the most.

Don’t hesitate to hire a professional wedding photographer or videographer to showcase and capture your wedding.

Finishing Off With Best Wishes

Planning a wedding amid a global crisis is indeed overwhelming. However, your perfect wedding will push through if you’re creative, open to possibilities, and most especially, calm and healthy.

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Black Avenue Productions would be honoured to preserve those precious moments for you. We enjoy the fun and privilege of meeting and collaborating with awesome couples.  We aim to capture your great day’s deep emotions, experiences, and creative expressions, and stunning details. Contact us and let’s plan to make your wedding memoirs one of a kind.