Day one from Habitat for Humanity Australia and Black Avenue Productions wedding photographer prepare to build a house in Cambodia for charity

Black Avenue Productions sent Lowina the wedding photographer to Cambodia with Habitat for Humanity Australia to build houses for their global village big build project.

Day two of Habitat for Humanity Cambodia big build project with Black Avenue Productions team 2019

Going to Cambodia with Habitat for humanity

We believe in the law of attractions, you get what you put out. We are so fortunate just to be born in the western country full of resources and supplies, already put us to the top 1% in the world, we have the capacity to give back to families in need.

Thanks to all of our Black Avenue Productions brides & grooms, part of your booking fees goes into difference charities. Sometimes we plant trees, sometimes we donate to the local community, this year we built a house in Cambodia with Habitat for Humanity.

Completion of a Habitat for Humanity house in Cambodia by team from Australia Canada and Black Avenue Productions

Volunteers overseas building homes for families in Siem Reap

Around 90 international and local volunteers are working to build decent and quality homes for nine partner families in Siem Reap province’s Puok district.

The foreign volunteers are from the United States, Canada, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Australia.

Organised by Habitat for Humanity, the project – called Cambodia Big Build – aims to raise a deeper understanding of the importance of having decent and affordable shelter in building strength, stability, and self-reliance among low-income and vulnerable households.

The project, which began yesterday and ends on Friday, is taking place in the district’s Sambour Village.

Bernadette Bolo-Duthy, national director of Habitat for Humanity Cambodia, yesterday said that while poverty in Cambodia has decreased significantly, at least ten million Cambodians still lack access to decent housing, which affects the family’s safety, health, and education.

“By working with our partner families in improving their housing conditions, we are able to build their resilience against disasters and help create an enabling environment that sets them up to develop further,” she noted.

Ly Samrith, a provincial deputy governor, yesterday lauded the group’s efforts as an act of kindness which contributes to the implementation of the national housing policy.

“I am grateful to all the volunteers for travelling many miles to give their time and support to the community,” he said. “By building the houses, they are helping to reduce the nine families’ living expenses.”

Olivia Wong, a volunteer from Hong Kong, yesterday said that apart from being involved in the physical aspect of building houses the project gives her experience in working with the community.

“It helps me stay grounded and be grateful for the life I have,” she said.

Habitat Cambodia has been helping families since 2003. It takes a more holistic approach to housing and works with partners in helping informal settlers gain access to secure tenure under the local government’s social land concession scheme.

Technical expertise is provided to micro-finance institutions and low-income families in constructing good-quality and affordable homes. To date, over 70,000 households have been served.

Lowina: “Wow, such an incredible experience building a house for our beautiful family, meeting so many amazing people from around the world, learning about the Cambodian culture and history and sharing so many laughs with the team!
The new bonds, new connections, new friendships… all of these amazing memories I’m bringing back home with.
I’m also very proud of our Black Avenue Productions team to be able to shoot & edit 5 weddings this month, some without me.
Thank you thank you thank you for all our past brides & grooms for your support, and many of our friends & families for your donations to make it happen.
The last day in Cambodia where we hand over a brand new house to our home partner was so emotional, I wish I had the camera to capture these moments!”