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Prague destination wedding inspiration

[As seen on Polka Dot Bride] Our team members Derek and Lowina from Black Avenue Productions were lucky to be able to travel to Europe to shoot a wedding at the biggest church in Hungary earlier this year.
During the trip, they managed to fit in 12 photo shoots with different couples, a wonderful experience for the them and their lovely couples!

Husband kiss wife on cheek for their Prague destination wedding photography capture by Lowina Blackman from Black Avenue Productions

[Polka Dot Bride
On the cobblestone streets of Prague, our destination wedding photographers from Black Avenue Productions met a very much in love pair of newlyweds, April & Jakob, to celebrate their marriage in the most gorgeous of styles.
The pair signed their signatures and said their vows in the city hall of Copenhagen. It was fast and painless and they ended up celebrating their marriage with a beautiful stroll through Prague, which turned out to be the most blissful way to mark the special occasion.

April tells of how they met. “It all started four years ago. I was sitting on a rooftop, looking down at all the earthlings. I spotted a guy with red hair… so I got curious and asked. Now he’s my husband.”

Could we think of any better way to spend a beautiful Prague day then with these two love birds?

Prague destination wedding photographers from Black Avenue Productions captured the moment of newly wednesday husband and wife look into each other

Prague Destination Wedding // Video

Although we didn’t fly our videographers to Europe this time, Lowina managed to shoot a few behind the scenes footage to create this short clip:

" I was regretful that we didn’t have a proper wedding.. so no wedding photos. When I saw Black Avenue Productions coming to Prague, we booked our flight. Lowina & Derek are not only Professional, but at the same time, COOL! They are fun people to work with. Taking photos and making videos with them, made me fall in love with my man again. It was a very sweet experience. The team took us to many secret hidden locations in Prague where no ordinary tourists can stumble upon. We felt so well taken care of! (If I remarry again, I will still pick Black Avenue! Shhhhhh.....) "
April and Jakob Michlis
May 2018

Such a fun day, after the shoot we thought we would try some “Dumplings”. Seems like the Europeans have a different idea about dumplings. 

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