Can’t decide the appearance of your wedding? These 2022 best wedding themes in Australia will make your task easy.

2022 best wedding themes in Australia shot taken by Black Avenue Productions

In the wedding planning process, a couple will choose a date and a venue for their wedding, yet they additionally should choose a theme. Once you choose a theme, you are ready to move forward with the rest of your wedding plans. But if you are still confused about the theme of the wedding, we are here with the 2022 best wedding themes in Australia.


Delicate shades, sensitive lighting, and a lot of florals normally make up a romantic wedding. For this theme, imagine pastels, hanging lights, calligraphy, and a flower wall.

Romantic Wedding - 2022 best wedding themes in Australia


Draw motivation from a very long time past if you need a vintage style for your wedding. Perhaps the simplest approach to channel this is through your wedding outfit and excellent look. Concerning the ceremony and reception, you can depend on antique-looking decor and complete the vintage theme with classic gateway cars like an old Porsche or Volkswagen.

Vintage Wedding - 2022 best wedding themes in Australia


For a modern wedding, think clean lines, mathematical shapes, and insignificant design. A modern theme knows not many limits, so channel it anyway you see fit. Put a modern spin on anything, from your wedding dress to your venue decorations, as smooth seats or a strong colour design.

Showtime Event - Best Wedding Venue in Melbourne Australia


String lights, artisan containers, twine, ribbon, and all wood everything add to the straightforward and warm energy of this theme. In case you’re a colossal DIY fan, rustic wedding theme will be your cup of tea. Rustic theme is one of the most popular and 2022 best wedding themes.

Rustic Wedding - 2022 best wedding themes in Australia

Garden Party

If you imagine a more private, easy-going function, pick an open-air garden-party-themed wedding. This laid-back style is awesome if you have a backyard wedding in mind and a spring or summer date.

Bride and Groom in a wedding ceremony

Star Wars

Star Wars will be definitely in our souls, whether you are a big fan or not. This is something that will raise the new level of creativity at the wedding. If you’re a groom or groomsman, you can wear Star Wars-inspired outfits and look amazing.

Black Avenue Productions took the image of a storm trooper looking at his stunning wife in her sweetheart neckline wedding dress in Mornington peninsula


The theme of beach wedding is appealing to many couples. Dancing under the stars and sand between your toes is the best way to celebrate your love. This theme will make your wedding day memorable and amazing.

married couple together with bridal entourage in a beach wedding at Brighton Savoy shot by award winning wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

2022 Best Wedding Themes in Australia Conclusion

Hope you got an idea about the 2022 best wedding themes in Australia so set that plan up now and choose the theme that best fits you and your partner. Adding any of these themes will make your special day more beautiful and memorable. Black Avenue Productions in Melbourne Australia will help you capture your special moments and make you look classic even after 30 years.