How To Get Your Home Ready for Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day photos are a wonderful way to remember one of the most important days of your life. Aside from pictures of you, your bridal party and family members getting ready for your wedding day, images of your home will be captured as well.

Since your place can be used in various ways, such as a staging area, meeting location, guest quarters, or even as the site of your home wedding ceremony, preparations must be completed to ensure you have a beautiful event, and beautiful photographs + videos.

There are a few high-impact ways to prepare your home for your wedding day.

How To Get Your Home Ready for Your Wedding Day

Clean. Thoroughly

Think Spring cleaning, except for your wedding day.
Whether you’re using your home for the bride and/or groom prep, ceremony, reception, or some other part of the wedding activities, cleanliness can create a world of difference in achieving the look you want in your photos.
Keep in mind that to the wedding photographer, your home is no different than a prop.
This means that your furniture and other items may be moved around in an effort to get the perfect photo.
Your second photographer from Black Avenue Productions will help you with moving furnitures and unclutter any mess whenever we have time, to create that hotel-like clean look for your wedding photos and videos.
With that said, deep cleaning is the only way to prevent dust or dirt from being visible in your photos. It also saves you, or someone else who is assisting with the wedding, from having to clean at every stop along the way.
The good thing is that cleaning doesn’t cost anything (minus the supplies).
If it’s not your cup of tea, though, try a cleaning service at some point prior to the wedding. 

Clayton and Clayton also offers solution to fight dust allergies.

Prepare the back yard before your wedding day

The outside of your home is the first area everyone will notice, including your photography crew.
It will not only sets the stage for the event, but it also serves as a backdrop for your photos.
To create a clean appearance, make sure that typical maintenance tasks are handled: mow the grass, scrub and spray your walking paths, pull any weeds, and trim the bushes.
These assignments may require a lot of elbow grease, but in terms of money, they’re really only a matter of buying the necessities or renting a hedge trimmer from somewhere like Home Depot.

Either way, whether you have the wedding at home or want an ideal photo opportunity, you will need a focal point. For example, consider building an arbor or pergola for the occasion. Professionally built trellises cost between $400 and $900 for materials and labor, whereas prefab models are more affordable and range from $10 and $100.

How To Get Your Home Ready for Your Wedding Day

Design for Less

Aside from the typical upkeep, it’s also essential to add decorative items for your wedding day.
To spice up your wedding, there are three inexpensive design pieces you can use to elevate both the indoor and outdoor aesthetics: plants and flowers, a water feature, and lighting. Evergreens such as boxwood shrubs are usually part of formal landscaping, so using these can establish a simple and elegant look for any yard. Feel free to include other plants and flowers of varying heights to show pops of color and create depth inside and out.

A water feature is another nice option because it’s something you’re able to put together for a reasonable price, possibly upcycling items you may currently own, such as barrels or pots. According to The Knot, using items you already have is a winning touch for making your home appear more unique and homey. Lights, the other design piece, are another must-have because they create ambiance and help brighten spaces. As for what kind to buy, you can opt for the ones that use outlets or choose the battery-operated lights that last up to six hours. See Bustle’s complete light list if you’re only doing this for the outdoor area.

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Outdoor home wedding?

Erin, a busy mom and bride-to-be: “I love being outside. The thought of spending a Saturday afternoon in my backyard just gives me the necessary motivation to power through the week. The problem was, my backyard needed a lot of work! 

We decided it was finally time to get started on the backyard project. We settled on a budget and set out to research what could be done with our budget. Our top priority was an outdoor kitchen!”

Beautiful rustic theme reception setting with floral arrangement in Stones of Yarra Valley wedding by Black Avenue Productions