VENDOR OF THE WEEK | Featured on Polka Dot Bride

VENDOR OF THE WEEK | Featured on Polka Dot Bride

[ As seen on Polka Dot Bride ] As wedding planning kicks up a notch before the Christmas break, be sure to tick things off your list that are the most important part of your day.

beautiful elegant bride smell kiss flowers bouquets in bush grass pond and shrub
beautiful bride sit on a boat relaxing romantic magnificent pre wedding
Pre wedding kissing in the forest in the smoke sunset sunrise

Bridal flowers by The Flower Snob, Bridal dress by Leah S Designs , Hair and Makeup by Eileen Yan Zagoršćak

[ As seen on Polka Dot Bride ] Everyone is different – but it’s a good move to lock in your favourite, must-have vendors now – if only for your peace of mind! We’d love you to take a look at Polka Dot Directory to check out the wonderful vendors they have there! They also have EntertainmentHair & Beauty  – they even have Styling & Hire and Bridal Gowns! It will be hard to choose from their many wonderful vendors!Check out the Polka Dot Directory for wedding vendors who will love your wedding as much as you!

[ As seen on Polka Dot Bride ] Offering both photography and cinematography, Black Avenue Productions is able to give you a different perspective on your wedding day. Beautifully lit photographs, capture the atmosphere of the day, and then there is the film – wonderful moving images that only a film can bring. The movement and shine of the gown, the speeches, the first dance all captured in a way to make you smile as you remember all the details of your day. Delivered by a team who is passionate about delivering romantic, candid stories of your day.

Pre wedding kissing on the mountain sunset sunrise back light style sunset sunrise

[ As seen on Polka Dot Bride ] Polka Dot Bride asked Lowina of Black Avenue Productions five questions:

What is your favourite reward after a big working day?
Seeing the smiles from our happy couple’s face, followed by Yoga & Spa time!

Your favourite weekend getaway?
Falls Creek snow mountain engagement photography trip earlier this month. Which, of course, involved some Spa time!

What is your most prized possession?
My family! Husband & two cats <3

Favourite restaurant?
Any wedding receptions with good foods can be my favourite restaurant!

What do you enjoy most about being in the wedding industry?
Everything! I’m very grateful to be able to do things that I love, meeting new friends, celebrating love, eating all different cakes at weddings, creating beautiful wedding photos & videos for clients to keep forever, travel the world with adventurous couples and chase the sunlight together… Loving every second of it!

stunning Melbourne couple stood in front of Falls Creek mountain for their snow engagement photos shoot in honest wedding photography style
Black Avenue Productions happy female wedding photographer enjoying take photos lowina blackman

Planning a destination wedding and looking for fun photographers to hang out with and take your photos? Chat to us! 

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