Mornington Peninsula weddings | The Briars Historic Homestead

Ashlee & Todd | Mornington Peninsula weddings

Ashlee and Todd had their beautiful Mornington Peninsula weddings at The Briars, located at the delightful rustic historic Homestead on Mt Martha, here’s their wedding photos by Black Avenue Productions:

Mornington Peninsula married bride groom looking at each other on their rustic wedding day captured by Black Avenue Productions
romantic wedding photo taken at a rustic wedding venue called The Briars in Mount Martha
wedding makeup artist Crystal putting mascara on Melbourne bride
two beautiful bridesmaids just finished their hair and makeup in Australia
pearl art paper wedding invitation card and wedding ring and bouquet
bride and bridesmaids chill out with champagne candid moment by Black Avenue Productions
Mount Martha groom and groomsmen getting ready for their wedding
bride walk out of wedding limo at Mornington Peninsula
greenery rustic wedding flower bouquet
bride groom just married photo in Hellp May wedding blog style
Mornington Peninsula bridal party photo with bride and two bridesmaids
trendy rustic barn wedding reception at Mount Martha in Mornington Peninsula
bridal table at a rustic wedding barn setting in Homestead Mt Martha
bride groom photo session at Mornington Peninsula by Black Avenue Productions
Mornington Peninsula married couple playing with board game during their barn wedding reception
Melbourne bride kissing her baby before her rustic wedding at The Briars
bridal party photo at rustic barn wedding venue at Mt Martha

About Ashlee & Todd

Todd Grierson (26 years old, a trade assistant) and Ashlee Davis (25 years old, a machine operator) first met online back in 2012 and started chatting / texting each other non stop for a month until they finally met up and hang out almost every weekend.
Finally two months later of dating each other, Todd finally kissed Ashlee, although he did have a little mishap the night before being intoxicated and chipped his two front teeth.
A month later Todd was invited to Ashlee’s 21st birthday party, where Ashlee had had a little too much to drink and wasn’t in her best state in the bathroom, where some friends thought it was a great idea to invite Todd into the toilet to see her.
“I was so sick that night, and he still stuck around, that must be true love haha!” Ashlee says.

Ashlee and Todd travelled together to a few counties, as well as a lot of camping trips which they thoroughly enjoyed.
“Todd and I just became so comfortable with each other, we couldn’t see ourselves not having each other in our lives. We loved experiencing new things together and going on adventures. 
We started a family, moved out together and got married. now adding more babies to the family.” Ashlee says

"Honestly exceeded my expectations. Black Avenue Productions team all did a great job and didn’t stop day and night and mingled around. Thank you so much all of you."
Ashlee Davis
Happy bride

Anything changed after the wedding?

Ashlee: “Nothing has really changed being married, not even my last name because I have been so slack in doing that. We lived together before hand, had a child together so there was only so much more we could figure out about each other after being married. Just be open and honest with each other, and if you’re not comfortable in doing that, you might face some tough times. That’s one thing Todd and I have always been, is honest and open without judgment or holding grudges. It also helps to get along with their family because they’re a big impact in each other’s lives, and once there are children involved, they help so much. Just makes it easier, or bite your tongue ha.”

Wedding planning tips

Ashlee: ” Don’t stress out on caring what other people are going to think, at the end of the day it’s what you and your partner want and are happy with so put your wants and needs before others. Also the morning you wake up on your wedding day it all just goes out the window, and you just don’t care anymore, there is only so much you can do. 
Have your partner do some of the jobs, even if it’s the easiest jobs, it does take some of the stress off of your shoulders. Do some research but don’t bust your brain on it, it’ll all work out! No regrets.”

"Black Avenue Productions did an amazing job photographing our wedding and went above and beyond, exceeding all our expectations. Thanks once again to Philsy, Derek and Lowina! Would highly recommend to anyone”
Todd Grierson
Happy groom

Ashlee would like to thanks her wedding team:

Photography: Black Avenue Productions “Very professional and passionate about creating our perfect story!”
Wedding venue: The Briars 
Celebrant: Lucinda McKillop “Best celebrant ever!, so laid back and just perfect for us”
DJ: “we used a friend from work who had connections.”
Cake: “You’re going to laugh. the cake was just for show for the cutting of the cake, the morning while the bridesmaids were getting slammed up i just stacked three safeway mud cakes onto of each other and butter creamed them and stuck some fake flowers in it. And i did actually forget the cake, that a friend quickly picked it up while the reception was happening, and the cake still got eaten by the end of the night ha.”
Hair: hair_bysam  “Sam gave us what we wanted and was so quick and we had no complaints.”
Makeup: cristalcarlsonmakeupartist “perfecto!”
Dessert station: Lukumades, “Greek donuts, i would definitely recommend!! they’re so delicious!!

If you enjoy these images from Mornington Peninsula weddings at The Briars Historic Homestead, and want to book your rustic wedding photography package, please email us 
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