Neale and Matt | Melbourne gay wedding

Matt and Neale have been together for 11 years and have a strong relationship that is worth celebrating.
The couple decided to threw a little intimate Melbourne gay wedding party and asked the Black Avenue Productions team to take some nice photos to remember YES.

same sex couple happily laughing in front of a brick wall at Hardware Lane wedding photo
gay couple wedding party photo of their brown leather shoes and holding hands
gay couple celebrating love outside Forum in Melbourne CBD flinders street
Melbourne gay couple feed each other rainbow wedding cake in Royal Botanical Gardens
Gay daddy and son standing by the lake in Melbourne

The guys wanted to have some photos taken during a low-key get-together in Melbourne.
It was a fun day spent mostly around Melbourne’s CBD with a small group of family and friends.
Neale ordered a custom designed rainbow cake from CAYK, with matching bouquet and corsage.
After the photo shoot finished, they were picked up by limo and chauffeured to the next party location.

Gay wedding photo showing detail of bow ties and wedding rings
same sex gay couple cheers red wine at City Road Southbank apartment balcony for love

About Neale & Matt

Melbourne born Neale (age 39) and Matt (age 32, born in Poland, real name Maciej) met in London where they had both been living and working for the last 10 years.
It was Halloween weekend. Some might know the bar in Clapham (South London) called ‘The Two Brewers’.
Neale walked in the door of the bar after leaving a house party with friends and immediately saw Matt across the room and immediately fell in love.

It’s that whole cliché of “love at first sight”

Neale walked straight up to Matt and handed him a gold, paper star that Neale had taken from the house party and walked away again.

“There’s nothing like playing hard to get. I’d written on the back of it “You know you want me” before leaving the house as a bit of a tongue and cheek joke, but as it turned out, this time, really wanted it to be true.”
39, IT

Neale and Matt “bumped” back into each other later that night and, let’s just say that Matt felt the same way and the rest is history.

same sex couple posing on Princess bridge for Melbourne gay wedding photo
in love gay couple kissing passionately under sunset by Southbank river in Melbourne Australia
same sex couple having fun playing along the Yarra River Melbourne candid moment captured by Black Avenue Productions

What do you love about each other?

Neale: “We are very different people and I think that we balance each other out. Matt is very kind and has a big heart and a much bigger emotional side (which, is arguably more mature than mine). He is happier to take life a little easier and enjoys cuddling up on the couch, whereas I am more pragmatic and more of an extrovert.”

gay boyfriends kissing each other outside ACMI Melbourne for wedding photo

What’s the secret to having a long-term relationship?

Neale: “I think that every relationship is hard work at times. No relationship is always smooth going, but if you love each other, you will work through those difficulties. Ultimately you come out the other side stronger and more in love. I think people in relationships (gay or otherwise) are constantly learning about each other and even about themselves as we change and grow as couples and individuals. It’s important to recognize this and help each other out when things are tough. My parents always said that it’s really important to be friends first and I think that we’re a lot like that.”

in love gay couple helping each other to get ready for wedding ceremony in Melbourne Australia
rainbow gay wedding cake design by CAYK
happily married gay husband and husband holding hand going to their reception
gay engaged couple enjoying time in the Botanical Gardens with rainbow cake image by Melbourne wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions
happy gay boyfriends holding hand walking under sunset near Richmond Melbourne

Coming out, being yourself, being happy

Neale: “Regardless of how far we have come with Equality and acceptance, there is still an implicit feeling of being different to “the norm” when you are not “straight”.
Everyone’s journey is different and just as important as anyone else’s (at least to them) and therefore someone wanting to “come out” can feel immense pressure regardless of his or her situation.
My advice would be to just do it.
No matter how difficult it may, or may not, be initially it IS worth it. In my own personal experience and those that I’ve spoken to have admitted, that that immense pressure is immediately lifted and there is an instant feeling of emotional freedom.
Any other challenges thereafter can always be dealt with going forward.”

gay wedding bridal party with limo near ACMI

Black Avenue Productions proudly supports gay couples and would be thrilled to shoot your engagement or wedding celebrations and create a beautiful wedding album to showcase your true love.
Please tell us your love story or Melbourne gay wedding details by emailing us at blackavenueproductions@gmail.com