So you’re in the midst of planning your big day. You’ve got most of the priorities covered; location, guest list, bridal dress.. but what about your wedding hair and make-up? Some might say planning bridal hair and make-up is the easy part but, you’d be surprised how much there is to consider and how often things can go wrong.
We at Black Avenue Productions have done the homework for you and created a simple list of our top seven tips for planning your bridal hair and make-up in 2017.

bridal makeup example on black hair bride with pearl earring
Makeup by : preebeauty
  1. Your look, your way – Every bride has their personal preference of how they’d like to look overall for their wedding.
    Some are happy to keep it simple; others want to plan everything down to the last detail. Most of all, remember that it’s up to you and your personal style.
    Decide on the look you want to go for and then start to plan around making it happen. Don’t be afraid to start your research early.
    Look at other brides, their style, dress, hair, and make-up and get a feel for what appeals to you most or what you definitely do not what.
    Once you decide what your going for you can set yourself a target of how to get there.
Bridal makeup with dark purple lipstick and smokey eyes
Make Up by Tuula Patchell https://www.instagram.com/tuuli_cosmetics/
  1. Mix and match – Don’t forget consider the other elements of your wedding, including your dress and hair, as well as the wedding color themes and venue.
    Aim for coherence. If your dress is delicate and vintage-inspired, then soft, feminine makeup may complement it best. If your dress is sophisticated and minimalist, a classic red lip will work well.
Melbourne bridal party pose for their hair and makeup session before their weddings
Hair & Makeup by This is Gem https://www.instagram.com/_thisisgem/
  1. Practice for perfection – Once you’ve decided the look you’re going for and who you’d like to do your hair styling and make-up, plan to do a practice run at least three weeks out from the wedding.
    Even if you sit down with a chosen hairdresser to go through in detail what you’d like (bring lots of reference pictures) and ensure they can deliver, it never hurts to have a practice run or extra discussions around exactly what you want.
    This helps to keep everyone on the same page, ensure what you want is what they can provide and if you’re lucky enough to have a dry-run to preview the final look, you can make a final decision that the style you have chosen is indeed the look you want to go with.
Bridal natural look makeup tutorial before and after shot in Melbourne
Makeup by Kim Burke
  1. Avoid overcompensating – When it comes to make-up many brides trowel on the layers because they feel it’s a safe bet to hiding flaws and looking great. Don’t do this.
    Most wedding photography is taken with natural light and if you go with an extra heavy base make-up then the result is your over-the-top layers will be obvious.
    This is another great reason for doing a practice-run before the big day, so you can see exactly how photos will look.
Wedding hair bridal make up with back detail gown shot in front of mirror in Melbourne
Hair by Michelle O’Connell
  1. Good timing – When scheduling your hair/make-up appointment, be sure to give yourself extra time to compensate for last minute changes, late bridesmaids or unexpected issues.
    This allows you to be relaxed and focused. The last thing you want is an unexpected problem that means you’ll arrive late to your own wedding!
Melbourne bridal hair and makeup with red rose big headpiece
Makeup by gaartistry / Photography by Archie Kwa / Head piece by : Krissy Tee / https://m.facebook.com/MissKrissyTee/ / https://www.facebook.com/gaartistry/


  1. Built to last – Thinking ahead, remember your bridal make-up will need to last all day.
    It’s fine to retouch a little here-and-there but overall, you’ll need to plan for a make-up style that doesn’t require constant reapplying.
    This is vital when choosing who will be doing your make-up. Make sure you tell them exactly what you prefer and why and ensure they understand where you’re coming from.
Hong Kong makeup artists in Australia showing her bridal makeup work
Makeup by Mrs Praise
  1. Plan for everyone – Don’t forget to plan for your bridesmaids. Even down to the last detail.
    Remember, it’s your wedding and your preferences in how you want things styled. In terms of aesthetic coherence, this goes for the groom and groomsmen too.
    Plan ahead, start early and communicate well and this will ensure everyone is on the same page.
Melbourne make up artist before and after shot with a pink hair bride
makeup artist @kimburkemu

I hope this post helps you with making a list on how to plan and book for your wedding bridal hair and make-up, make sure you go for their trial session and see if you like the look on your face.

Black Avenue Productions team doing wedding makeup and hair at own home
Black Avenue Productions in house hair & makeup team