Live Music at Your Wedding: 4 Reasons Why You’re Making the Right Decision

Since the dawn of time, music has been an essential aspect of weddings. The ceremony is never complete without a song, from the Mesopotamian lyre and Greek pipes to the portable organ and electric guitar. But there are reasons to hire live music at your wedding more than tradition.

Karina Wolfin, head of operations at Direct Appliance Rentals, says. “Music allows the events to flow with a particular level of ambience. It provides cues from ceremony and wedding dance to dinner and cocktail hour.”

While the wedding music should be personal to you and your future spouse, it must also appeal to the guests. Here’s why live music ticks all these boxes:

Live Music Creates an Unmatched Atmosphere

Live Music At Weddings Live Harp Performance Captured By Black Avenue Productions

Even if you use high-quality equipment to play your favourite records throughout the evening, the sounds won’t be as emotionally stirring as live music. You’d want to put everyone in a certain mood during the wedding to make it more memorable.

A live performance brings a type of presence and energy that will permeate the air and cause you and your guests to feel even more in love, inspired, free, invigorated, etc.

It Can Help Relieve Stress Due to the Pandemic

Music causes a phenomenal surge of dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine affects the brain centres for reward and pleasure, while serotonin mediates feelings of satisfaction and optimism.

Many studies have shown that active engagement in music can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, mental health issues that many people are struggling with since the pandemic began. In a 2020 experiment, scientists found out that music therapy can alleviate sadness, fear, worry, and exhaustion among clinical staff exposed to highly stressful situations.

What more if you hear live music from professional artists using top-of-the-line equipment? Fill your wedding with solace, relief, and hope by hiring professional artists who can create a beautiful musical experience. You can schedule a discussion with them to ensure that all soundtracks are fitting.

Is Boldly Romantic

There’s one single emotion that should dominate a wedding: romance.

Live music is very personal, very fleeting, and very electrifying. It only takes one live performance to make everyone feel the butterflies again in any emotional event like a wedding. When you and your guests hear an actual person’s voice, your brain catches the element of authenticity. Then, your subconscious tells you that “Hey, love is real, and it’s around you.”

Professional wedding musicians can also adjust their rhythm, melody, harmony, etc. based on the current atmosphere. If they can see that the dance floor’s getting a bit too wild, they’ll insert a few slow melodies to allow everyone to rest and restore the romantic mood.

Live Music Offers Unlimited Possibilities

A live performance is a lot more flexible than pre-recorded songs. You can make on-the-spot song requests or ask the musicians to highlight specific points during the event. The musicians don’t have to perform at the reception only. You can arrange for performances to welcome guests at the venue, during breakfast, or while everyone’s refreshing with champagne. The live performers can quickly shift from soulful to funk with consistent finesse.

DJ Putting together great music during the reception as captured by Black Avenue Productions
Live Music At Weddings Live Acoustic Performance Captured By Black Avenue Productions
DJ listening to the beat of music during the reception as captured by Black Avenue Productions
MC hyping up the crowd in the reception as captured by Black Avenue Productions
Acoustic Singer performing during the Reception of the newlyweds, captured by Black Avenue Productions

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