Finding the Right Wedding Suppliers for you

Finding the right wedding suppliers, isn’t as easy as picking your clothes every day, or deciding what food you want for lunch. It takes a lot of time and decision making.

So you and the love of your life are tying the knot, hey? Hear-hear!

The right suppliers, groom and bride posing in front of 2 luxurious cars that match their suit and gown, captured by Black Avenue Productions

What are you thinking about the special day? Small and intimate – perhaps at your parents’ holiday house along the coast? Something romantic at a winery or country estate

Maybe you’re a traditional gal and are opting for church bells and a big white dress. Or you want to do something totally left-field and come down the alter on horseback. 

That’d be great, too. It’s your day after all. 

But no matter what shape yours takes, there are a few things that unite every wedding (unless you are a DIY whizkid). What’s that you’re wondering? 

Well, it’s all the little details that actually make up the wedding. In this instance, we’re talking about your venue, caterers, and photography

And getting those things right starts with one crucial step: finding the perfect suppliers like the caterer Elizabeth Andrews. We’re going to clue you in on a few key questions to ponder when it comes to finding yours.

Finding the right wedding suppliers: The venue 

Finding a space to hold your nuptials can be a tricky business. You and your significant other will need to set aside some time to: 

Land on a budget. 

We know we know. The words ‘budget’ and ‘wedding’ shouldn’t be said too close to each other but you don’t want to spend all your cash on a luxury venue and then have nothing left for food or drink. 

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Work out an aesthetic. 

Give some thought to the type of look you want your wedding to have. That could be Rustic. Classic. Beachy. Vintage. Floral. The options really are endless and once you know what your style is, you’ll be able to nail down the right venue with ease. We mean, you’re not going to go for the art gallery if you’ve got your heart set on a beach wedding, right? Right.

rustic wedding venue by the field, captured by Black Avenue Productions

Decide on the guest list.

Stay alert, ‘cause this point is super important. You need to know how many people you want to celebrate the big day with you before deciding where to have it. There’s no point finding the venue of your dreams only to realize you can’t invite some of your closest pals because it only seats 45 people.

The guests cheering while the newlyweds kiss, captured by Black Avenue Productions

Finding the right wedding suppliers: The caterers 

No matter how beautiful their website is or how much they wow you when your turn up for a taste test, don’t go with the first caterer you find online. You need to interview at least three or four before you make your decision. Why? 

Because when it comes to weddings, food is always a big deal. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you otherwise. People might not remember what time the bride turned up. Or what the groom wore. But they will remember the food. 

So you need to make sure what you’re serving is remembered for the right reasons. 

Here are a few things to think about before signing a contract with a caterer:

The right wedding supplier: Happy Caterer serving food to the guests, captured by Black Avenue Productions

Sample the menu.

Pretty pics on Instagram aren’t enough to give you a true taste of what they can offer. If the caterer you’re considering doesn’t provide this service, ask if there are any other ways you can try out their food, like at a bridal expo or public event. No dice? Move on.

Establish a budget.

Ah, here’s that word again. But you really don’t want to have to sell a kidney to afford your wedding catering. Determine how much you’re willing to spend from the get-go and you’ll be far less likely to see a scary-high bill at the end.

Pick a service style.

Maybe you want to serve traditional plated meals. Or perhaps you like the idea of a buffet spread or food stations. There are many options to consider when it comes to catering your wedding. Just make sure what you pick suits your overall wedding theme. Finding the right suppliers that would suit your wedding is very important. The right caterer will work with you to determine this, so don’t stress too much!

Finding the right wedding suppliers: The photographer 

It’d be easy to just say ‘pick us’ and move right along. But as wedding photographers and videographers we understand how stressful this whole journey can be and we want to arm you with as much info as possible. 

Here’s the thing – there are a lot of photographers out there. And most of them will probably do a really great job. But how do you find the perfect photographer for your wedding? Remember, these are pictures that you’re likely going to look at for the rest of your life. You want them to be just right. 

These are our two top tips for finding a fabulous fit: 

Their style matches yours.

This is probably the most important thing to think about when it comes to picking a wedding photographer, Do you like soft, ethereal images, or is dark and moody more what you’re into? Take a thorough look at the photographer’s back catalog so can make sure that their style aligns with yours. You don’t want to book someone who’s into candid shots when you’re vibe is more high-end editorial.

So you there you have it. A super simple rundown on what to look out for when you’re on the hunt for your wedding venue, caterer, and photographer. We hope it helped! 

Our team absolutely loves weddings – we’re totally crazy about them, to be honest. If you have any curly questions about the wedding catering for your special day, give our team a shout!

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