Most of you might think that having an engagement photoshoot isn’t needed because you might be camera shy or you just find it unnecessary.
The thing is — you shouldn’t be! In fact, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional photographer to document your engagement.

Here are the reasons why:

Melbourne couple walking across European castle for their engagement photoshoot by destination wedding photographer Derek Chan from Black Avenue Productions
silver hair bride looking at Japan river for engagement photoshoot taken by award winning Melbourne destination wedding photographer Derek Chan

1. Be comfortable in front of the cameras

Chances are, is that you and your partner aren’t models and you’re not used to being the subject of cameras.
But if you are, then you’ll do perfectly fine with this. Thus, it’s important that you go through a test run before your wedding, which is a time when photos are more significant.
Not all are comfortable posting in front of professional photographers, especially if one is asked to pose candidly.
That’s where engagement photoshoot come in. They serve as a practice run for you so that you won’t feel awkward in front of cameras on your big day.
Having an engagement photoshoot helps you relax and feel at ease so that you will look your best on your wedding day.

Melbourne couple walking along The Balcony at The Grampians for engagement photoshoot by award winning wedding photographer Lowina Blackman

2. Know your photographer

Knowing your photographer is important because you’ll be working with them until your wedding day.
You need to connect with them, not only professionally, but personally as well.
Spending time knowing about them helps make the whole wedding preparation easier and more fun with you.
They’ll also know your preferences when it comes to the angles and poses you want them to capture you with.
This will also help them know how you interact with your partner and what your respective personalities are.
These details help them have a better feel of what kind of photos you want to have.
It’s all about getting the feeling of exclusivity in the photography style they’ll be creating with your help.
It would also be better if you have your engagement photo shoot done months before your wedding day so you can focus on your wedding preparation later on.

3. Have better-looking shots

Another cool thing about having an engagement photoshoot is you can get photos that you really like.
You can check the shots your photographer had and make further comments on them on the angle you want.
You can also make changes to your makeup or pose when your big day comes so that you’ll look better in the photos.
You can even suggest the kind of shots you’d like the photographer to do at your wedding.
It’s all about preparing and feeling more confident. You then don’t have to feel awkward and conscious of the thought of having a camera point at you throughout the day.

Bride and groom image from engagement photoshoot printed as canvas hanging at wedding reception in Linley Estate

4. Use your photos at the wedding reception!

Having a quality engagement photoshoot means you’ve got lots of great photos you can use for your wedding day.
Some of the things you can do with these photos are as invitations, wedding guest book, wall art canvas and souvenirs.

You can also include them in your wedding album. Or perhaps hang them on your home.
You can also even use some of the shots on your wedding program or website if you wish on promoting it to gain a bigger audience.

Black Avenue Productions design team will personalised wedding guest book for you for $395.

personalised wedding guest book using engagement photoshoot images by Melbourne wedding photographers

5. Reconnect with each other

Engagement photoshoots aren’t just a necessary wedding preparation.
Instead, it’s also a way for you to reconnect with your soon-to-be-spouse.
The shoot might be held at the place where you had your first date.
Or perhaps somewhere you spent a vacation before or share a similar interest in.
Some of the locations you may want to consider are your hometowns, favorite restaurant, schools where you first met, a zoo, or the beach.
The spot where you’re going to have your shoot must be meaningful for the both of you so that the photos will be more special.
This also helps you to feel more at ease with yourself because you’re familiar with the spot.

With this being said, one can clearly see that having an engagement photoshoot is necessary.
Not only does this make your wedding day better and more meaningful, but this also deepens your bond with your partner.
It’s all about love at the end of the day, right? Well, engagement photoshoots can bring even more loving!

Mornington Peninsula engagement photoshoot image featuring Melbourne couple in black silk gown on a cliff overlooking the ocean in an artistic moody edgy colour tone and candid photography style

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Hair & Makeup AUD $250

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