Candid vs Traditional Wedding Photography?

One thing we’ve learnt at Black Avenue Productions is how the importance of wedding photography varies greatly between couples. As does the choice of photography style such as Candid vs Traditional photography.
Some couples think of wedding photography as a tick-box or something they’re obliged to have but aren’t overly concerned about.
Others see wedding photos as being as important as the event itself and therefore place a lot of value in photography style.
You might find that odd. But most of our couples tell us that photos their families and friends played an important part in their life when they were younger.
Many say they can remember sifting through their family’s photo albums as a child.

Candid vs Traditional Wedding Photography image showing bride having fun with flower girl captured by Black Avenue Productions

Those that place a high value on wedding photos usually do so because they value memories.
Who doesn’t like remembering having a good time right?
As the years pass by and memories begin to wane, having visual reminder, like a wedding photo album, takes them right back to the day that changed their lives forever.

For couples looking for quality wedding photography, choosing the right wedding photographer is key to capturing those magical moments.
Today, couples are more knowledgeable and creative when it comes to the many different styles of wedding photography they can choose from.

candid moment of wedding ceremony in Yarra Valley captured by Melbourne wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

Traditional Wedding Photography

Traditional wedding photos often see the photographer trying to craft and compose a variety of family portrait shots or photos that are very rigid, staged and classic in look.

trendy rustic barn wedding bridal party photo
墨爾本婚紗攝影 Cape Schanck 山克角燈塔 Mornington Peninsula 摩寧頓半島
traditional wedding photography of bride posing at Overnewton Castle reception

Each subject takes their cue from the photographer to provide their biggest smiles for the camera.
The purpose of this type of setup is to ensure that each subject portrayed within the scene is looking their best – the trouble is, these photos often don’t look as natural as they could.

offbeat bride in black bridal gown pose for artistic wedding photo by the hilltop
traditional photography style with modern bride groom holding veil at Baxter Farm wedding reception
stunning bridal portrait showing bride walking down the bridge at backlit in Cape Shank
romantic wedding photo of bride groom happily hugging each other captured by wedding photographer Black Avenue Productions

Most couples today want something creative, unique or casual.
Some prefer to purposely move away from the classic traditional style of wedding photography.
However, most of our couples do request some family portrait style photos during the event.

Candid Wedding Photography

Candid photography on the other hand, can often be much more intimate and really capture the moment depicted, in its purest form. A good photographer will have the experience to find a naturally captured moment with a behind-the-scenes artistic feel to it.

bridal party welcome newly wedded husband wife to wedding reception natural wedding photo moment taken by Melbourne wedding photographer Black Avenue Productions

Rather than assemble groups of guests for a formal portrait photo, the photographer will mingle with the crowd and circulate throughout the venue, taking spontaneous shots and capturing their subjects without their knowledge.
You will often find that people are truly themselves when they are unaware that anyone is watching, which is why well-timed candid photographs are often picked out of any album as the favourites of the day.

excited groom and groomsmen waiting for bride at wedding ceremony
father walking daughter down aisle at Yarra river wedding venue ceremony action shot
bride taking selfie at rustic barn wedding reception Baxter Barn wedding captured by Black Avenue Productions
happily married gay husband and husband holding hand going to their reception
happy bride clapping on the dance floor at Brighton Savoy wedding reception venue
dancing in the wedding reception dance floor at Brighton Savoy Melbourne wedding venue
newly wedded bride groom first dance at Yarra Valley wedding reception dance floor


bride hugged guest who received flower bouquet moment capture by Black Avenue Productions at Bram Leigh Wedding

Which Type of Photography is Better?

We would have to say that the most successful wedding photo albums contain a mixture of both.

  • Traditional shots are great for capturing the entire family and giving the subjects some input into how the photograph is composed.
  • Traditional shots provides a great opportunity for subjects to let their personality show as they choose to pose as they wish.
  • Candid photographs give subjects no prior warning before the photo is taken, allowing the lens to take an unbiased image, which hasn’t been staged.
  • Candid photos may be a little more surprising to your guests at first, they fear they’ll be captured doing something embarrassing or pulling a face they would rather not have captured on film – you will quickly find that people warm to the idea and won’t even know the camera is on them, allowing them to be themselves. Which, in turn makes for great photos and memories.

The whole point of candid photography is to bring that level of intimacy to wedding photos that is so often lacking – capturing your guests as they let their hair down and really enjoy themselves.

The type of venue you choose to host your wedding ceremony and reception will influence just how well candid photography works as larger, more open spaces with several vantage points often provide the best photo opportunities – but wherever you choose to have your wedding, you can rest assured that both candid and traditional photography will be able to capture every last moment of magic by Black Avenue Productions.

Indian bride groom walking across the woods rustic barn wedding photo
newly wedded bride groom grand exit Bramleigh wedding reception with sparkle fireworks
you may kiss the bride
bride throw flower bouquet at wedding reception in Melbourne

Let us know if you prefer candid vs traditional wedding photography style and we are happy to share more tips with you: blackavenueproiductions@gmail.com

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