Bridesmaids admire diamond wedding ring of bride on her Brighton beach venue in backlit sunlight candid moment captured by award winning wedding photographer Derek Chan from Black Avenue Productions

Brighton Beach Wedding | Nominated Wedding of the Year 2019

Big fat Greek-Serbian: Steph and Nem’s Brighton Beach Wedding has been featured on Easy Weddings.
Given their large families and collaborating traditions from both Greek and Serbian cultures meant Stephanie and Nemanja had to get the biggest reception they could find and allow plenty of time for planning!

“A lot of considerations had to be made given my Greek heritage and Nemanja’s Serbian heritage. We quickly realised that gone was the idea of a nice, small and intimate wedding at a winery,” explains Stephanie.

“We compromised by finding the largest reception we could down south and used floral decorations to keep it modern and reflect our fresh style.”

The two cultures combine as one at the couple’s traditional wedding ceremony held at Keysborough Serbian Orthodox in Melbourne on June 8, 2019. The bridal party then proceeded to the gorgeous Brighton beach wedding and its famous bathing boxes for a photoshoot with the talented duo from Black Avenue Productions.

“The toughest part was deciding on music and the flow of the evening to keep both traditions and families happy, but we think we’ve nailed it!” explains the bride.

“Invite everyone you want there, even if it adds a few extra numbers to your list! It’s your friends and family that will make it a day you remember.”

Photos courtesy of Black Avenue Productions.

Dear Black Avenue Productions

We received lots of good feedback on the wedding highlight video I posted, it was lovely thank you! And the photos are great too! Thank you for sticking around all night, getting involved and helping to capture our special day 🙂
You guys were a real crowd pleaser and continue to pop up it peoples photos!

Steph and Nem

Beautiful Melbourne couple standing at Brighton Beach Wedding bathing box for wedding portrait created by Black Avenue Productions

Brighton International | The Reception

After a church ceremony followed by photo shoot at Brighton beach wedding bathing box, the couple can finally relaxed and enjoy their time with family at the Brighton Reception.

Video by Black Avenue Productions.

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Photos courtesy of Black Avenue Productions.