Sallie and Tai's showtime events centre wedding shot by Black Avenue Productions

Modern Romance Showtime Events Centre Wedding in South Wharf

Emotional Showtime Events Centre wedding that will surely touch your hearts The magical event happened at Kamesburgh Gardens in Brighton, Victoria where Sallie married her beau Tai on January 11, 2020. Their reception followed at Showtime Events Centre. Sallie was walked down the aisle by her brother, three-year-old son, and… a handful of sticks. “My […]

First Look Black Avenue Productions Featured Image

5 Reasons Why You NEED ‘First Look’ at Your Wedding

First Look is a ‘Tradition’ If there is one word that is synonymous with weddings, it is the word ‘tradition’. Our cultural traditions play a huge role in shaping the decisions we make about how, where, and when we are to be married, and often even who we are going to marry. 19th century Dutch […]

asian couples by the sea in Melbourne shot by black avenue productions

[Carmen + Alex] Extraordinary Melbourne City Wedding

Carmen and Alex’s magical city-meets-the-sea wedding Today’s gorgeous couple were super lucky to squeeze their dream wedding in just before the COVID-19 lockdowns in Australia. Carmen and Alex tied the knot in a gorgeous Melbourne City wedding, surrounded by friends and family. Their wedding was packed with personality, as well as old and new traditions […]

Top 10 wedding photos idea in 2021 including destinated wedding in Japan taken by award winning wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

Top 10 Wedding Photo Ideas in 2021

Top 10 Wedding Photo Ideas in 2021 Amazing wedding photographs are an essential element when it comes to any marriage. Recording memories such as your wedding day can often help remind couples why they even got together in the first place! Here’s top 10 wedding photo ideas for 2021 for your inspirations: Whilst looking back […]

Wedding Albums (Maroon) by Black Avenue Productions

Printed Wedding Albums Are Not Out Of The Trend

While our treasured wedding memories are lovingly stored in our hearts and minds, there is something so special about turning the pages of your tangible and beautifully made custom wedding album and being able to show it to your family and friends for generations to come. Right? Then again, should we just get with the […]

husband and wife in a low-key winery wedding in yarra glen shot by award winning wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

[Samantha + Justin] Winery Wedding in Yarra Glen

Justin slid into Samantha’s DMs before “it was even a thing” The pair had mutual friends and added each other to Facebook, but it was several months before Justin asked her over messenger for a date. “We were inseparable from then on,” smiles Sam, 29. The bride says the proposal is something they laugh about […]

Melbourne bride and groom kissing during golden hour photograph by award winning wedding photographers Black Avenue Productions

Magical Golden Hour: Best Sunset Wedding Photo Opportunity

The Art of Golden Hour Wedding Photography The golden hour glow gives your wedding photos a romantic and cinematic effect that will wow your Instagram feed. If you’re planning for your perfect wedding and wonder how to allocate time for a photo shoot, this is the best article for you to read. Through this blog, […]

Married Couple post for rustic winery wedding photography in sunset hour

[Steph + Ben] Rustic Winery Wedding

Sharing their rustic winery wedding with family and friends was a top priority for Steph and Ben “Friends and family are a huge part of who we both are,” Steph says at her rustic winery wedding. “We always knew that no matter what, bringing out the happiness in each other and that of our guests […]

The Rustic Revival Wedding Ideas

The Rustic Revival: Embracing the Charms of Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are an incredibly unique and special alternative to regular indoor celebrations. Over the last 10 years, more and more couples have opted to celebrate their big day out in nature, and we certainly don’t blame them for doing so. An outdoor wedding is one that encapsulates the beauty of love and nature all […]